ConstructionIn a city hungry for development along the eastern waterfront, one large hurdle looms – the cap on new office space development.  The cap, imposed by the voters as Proposition M in 1986, limits new office development by square footage.  While the cap increases each year by 950,000 square feet, the recent building boom will soon subsume the office space that is available for allocation.

Enter Proposition O on this November’s ballot. 

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tax-468440_1920Transfer tax on the sale of most commercial property in San Francisco will increase if voters approve Proposition W.

If approved, Prop W will increase the transfer tax rate by 0.25% for sales valued above $5 million (increase from $10/$500 in purchase price to $11.25/$500) and above $10 million (increase from $12.50/$500 in purchase price to $13.75/$500).

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Map of Central SoMaThe Planning Department released the Central SoMa Plan on August 11, 2016, updating the framework for developing the 230-acre neighborhood.  The Plan focuses on increasing density in a transit-rich area while emphasizing economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

The full Plan is available here.

Many aspects of the Plan involve the most-debated and legislated issues in San Francisco development today, including affordable housing requirements, PDR space, and new office development – leaving the Plan subject to further evolution following this fall’s election.

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